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Feel Secure 2pk Mermaid Tail Menstrual Cups

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The modern alternative to tampons or similar products, our Menstrual Cups are perfect for the environmentally conscious woman who's tired of constantly buying and throwing away consumer period products. 

Featuring a playful mermaid-shaped design, these menstrual cups are made with hygienic, medical grade silicone, and they're surprisingly easy to insert and remove! What's more, they come in a practicaly set of two, one with a capacity of 15ml and the other 20 ml, which make them suitable for those lighter and those heavier days. 

A non toxic, longer lasting alternative to tampons and pads!

These cups not only offer safe protection against toxins, they simply menstrual hygiene, while benefiting the health of vaginal flora and mucous membranes. They're also effective for up to 12 hours and can be reused over the course of several years. 


Reusable: To clean, submerge in boiling water after every period

15-year guarantee. 2 piece set comes with a handy and discreet, pull cord, carry pouch. Transparent in stock, other colours may be available by request.

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