Unleash Your Inner Goddess with this powerful crystal

dildo, THE VENUS from OmYoni


Named after the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, she is handmade from Natural Rose Quartz Crystal. Do not be fooled by the candy pink hue of this stone, it is one of the most powerful and healing crystals in the crystal kingdom. This nurturing stone of love, embodies all manner of love, not just romantic but unconditional love for others and for yourself. Facilitating love entering your life, through its ability to connect and raise your consciousness.


Helping you to recognise your own need for compassion, forgiveness and understanding from yourself. Associated with the element of water, Rose Quartz help to cleanse toxic energies and release negative emotions you may have trapped within. Healing with the feminine energy of Rose Quartz stimulates the heart chakra and brings it into balance with the third eye and crown chakras.


Why you will love The VENUS:

  • Unique pieces from Mother Earth that are cleansed and charged with the sunlight and the moons energy.  Made with love to pleasure your Inner Goddess, a truly amazing crystal dildo for a euphoric intimate massage.
  • Made from 100% Natural Madagascan Rose Quartz Crystal.
  • Each piece is hand crafted and polished until beautifully smooth and silky to touch.
  • Weighted perfectly 500g.
  • Measures 7 inches in length and 1.75 inches in width.
  • Circumference : Large end 5.5 inches and 4.0 inches small end.


 *All OmYoni Pleasure Wands are hand made from pure Rose Quartz crystal, colour and size variations may occur. Slight imperfections in the crystal are normal due to the natural properties of the stone.


*Due to the nature of this product range all sales are final.


Amethyst and Tigers Eye Coming Soon.

The Venus One by OmYoni


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