A great sexcessory for sensual restraint play.


The soft, silken rope is comfortable against the skin with secure sliders that tighten and release. Finished with rose gold tips for an added touch of luxury.


Complete your collection by adding our Luxury 5m Rope to your basket.



A few words on safety during restraint play...


  • Never leave someone unattended if they are restrained.

  • Have a pair of safety scissors nearby in case a quick exit is needed.

  • Check in regularly to ensure the restrainee is able to breathe and move as they wish. Consider a safe word beforehand.

  • If your restraint play involves someone being gagged or unable to speak, make sure their nasal passages are clear and you have agreed on a gesture that signals any type of discomfort.  

  • When binding wrists or ankles please first educate yourself on the risks. There are a lot of nerves located in both and damage caused can be irreparable. Always play safe, and most importantly have fun!

Luxury Rope Cuffs


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