Do you measure up? Our guide to finding your perfect bra fit!

When it comes to lingerie, the saying size matters rings true. When fitted right it can make us look and feel amazing. But when fitted wrong it can be quite the opposite. Not only can the discomfort of ill-fitting lingerie make us feel less sexy, but it can also be damaging to our bodies, especially the upper half! Even when our bras seem to fit just fine, they can be way off the mark when it comes to providing the support we need, and doing our bodies justice!

They say knowledge is power and while we believe every woman should know how to self-measure, the fact is most of us just don’t! Statistics even show that 80% of us are usually wearing the wrong size bra, and any department store bra fitter can tell you that – the majority of their customers leave with a different sized bra to the one they walked in wearing! Look we get it, women’s bodies fluctuate - our weight goes up and down due to the time of the month, childbirth etc can change our bodies, but despite this some of us (myself included in the past) are guilting of wearing the same bra for decades! Well it’s time that changed.

Why? Simply put, because it’s proven bad for our health! It might not seem like a big deal but an ill fitting bra can cause some real physical issues. Wearing a bra that is too tight can damage breast tissue or cause breathing difficulties, inadequate support can lead to neck shoulder and back pain, as well as pinched nerves (especially if you’re bigger busted)! And I hate to promote being shallow but, you’re also way more likely to develop premature sagging which most of us don’t want.

Not surprisingly, it can also have a knock on effect on your body confidence. I know I don’t feel my best when I’m trying to squeeze into something that isn’t made to fit my measurements. Likewise something oversized, loose, and sagging doesn’t do you any favours either!

How can you tell if you’re wearing the wrong size? Well there are some tell tale signs to look out for. Such as:

If you’re suffering from any of the above, it’s definitely time to check those measurements! In an ideal world, we would say go to a professional but in today’s world, that just isn’t practical or possible so we’ve put together this step by step guide to help you self-measure at home.

To get started all you need is a full length mirror, a tape measure (a dress making one not the DIY type) and an unpadded bra, stand up straight in front of the mirror and:

Now before you think that you’re all done, you’re not. While this gives you an approximate bra size, it won’t necessarily be totally accurate. That’s because boobs vary in shape – totally normal, by the way. So even if you’ve calculated your size, it may not be the perfect fit. Plus, sizes can vary between brands and styles.

While a tape measure can tell you the right size in terms of numbers, it’s not always the key to finding the perfect fit. The only way to truly get your size spot on is through good old trial and error. Once you have a bra on, you’ll be able to tell if it fits in all the right places, provides the perfect level of support.

Now comes the fun part; grab a few sizes and styles and check the following. Again, you’ll need a full-length mirror.

So there you have it, your complete bra-fitting guide. With the right size sitting snug on your breasts, not only do you get better support but you’ll also feel even sexier too.

If you’re still feeling completely lost and need some help, we can organise a confidential zoom virtual fitting for you at no extra cost, just pop us a mail to find out more and get booked in!

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